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We boost the quality and speed of your HR work with our tools: you can find people whose work you love faster and learn what makes them stay longer. Our solutions drive your digital transformation forward.

Whatever the HR project – recruitment, personnel development or career guidance – it deserves the right solution. In over 20 years of HR work, we’ve developed a pool of flexible, ready-to-use tools designed to meet your individual requirements – whether you’re a medium-sized company, an international corporation, a public sector institution or involved in coaching.

Choose solutions that fit your workflows and target groups, and get results that make your HR decisions fast, fair and reliable. Enjoy individual support from our experienced consultants. Privacy and security are also taken care of: whichever service you choose, we always meet the requirements of DIN 33430 and the EU GDPR and are ISO 27001 certified.

Our solutions

ELIGO online tests support us in the selection process of our future trainees. The interview guidelines help us to make the recruitment more targeted and objective. Easy usability of the PERLS® platform is another big plus.

Christa Haupt, Kelvion, ELIGO client

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Get an idea for how our tests are integrated into the PERLS® Duo platform to inspire job seekers to apply for your vacancies. Want to know more? We’d be delighted to talk with you and send you further demos for the assessment, features and result management tools that are relevant to your specific needs.

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Our modular online assessments

Our online assessments make your HR work future-proof. The information they provide allows you to make the right decisions – at the necessary speed for the digital age.

Whether used for recruiting or HR development, online assessments are a proven time-saving tool for predicting the professional success of your applicants and employees in specific positions. You get a quick overview with comparable and meaningful information about each individual. Based on the prepared results, you can see how well a candidate’s qualities and skills match the tasks and requirements of the specific role. In addition, you can detect potential that is often overlooked when comparing CVs alone, thus expanding your applicant pool. And your workload is reduced, as the online assessment results are automatically prepared for you.

Objective assessment modules

Developed for target-group-specific use, our PERLS® Duo modular assessment platform offers you a particularly large selection of tests with 130 scales in up to 25 languages, providing reliable information on the qualities and abilities of your candidates in the following areas:

  • Cognitive performance potential
  • Motivation
  • Attitude to work & skills
  • Interests

Attract & brand

Job seekers appreciate transparent, meaningful and enjoyable recruitment processes. That’s why we offer our assessments via the PERLS® Duo platform that brings real added value to your recruitment and employer brand with the following features:

  • PDFs providing individual feedback in real time ensure speed and transparency while demonstrating appreciation for candidates’ efforts
  • Integrated videos offer an attractive job and company preview that generate interest in the vacant position
  • Customer-specific cultural fits, interest and knowledge tests make the application process a way for each party to get to know each other better
  • Exercise sections build confidence
  • Personalised templates for automatically sent emails enable a fast, consistent and personal approach
  • Flexible employer branding options create recognition value for your employer and company brand

The science behind our assessments

Scales developed according to scientifically sound principles ensure our online assessments reliably offer the informative value and predictive power you need – thanks to ELIGO’s 20 years of expertise.

As a spin-off of the Ruhr University, our origins are in science. We develop our assessments based on scientific methods and in accordance with the quality criteria for aptitude diagnostics, namely objectivity, reliability and validity. In combination with continuous standardisation studies, they meet all the requirements of aptitude diagnostics standard DIN 33430.


Our assessments offer a high degree of objectivity thanks to standardised specifications and automated evaluations. In other words, our assessments are free of subjective bias. This includes, for example, sympathy or antipathy experienced during the assessment or interpretation of the results. A high degree of objectivity is important to ensuring the fairest possible recruiting process.


The characteristic values for measurement accuracy (reliability) indicate how accurately an assessment can represent its dimensions. As a reference, DIN 33430 recommends reliability values between 0.70 and 0.85, depending on the type of assessment – almost all ELIGO assessments meet or even exceed these parameters in their measurement accuracy.


The design of our assessments based on scientific findings demonstrably ensures their above-average validity. Our experienced assessment design team, certified to DIN 33430, continuously checks and improves the content, construct and criterion validity of our assessments based on general and customer-specific studies and reviews.


We conduct independent standardisation studies to create a reference system for the meaningful interpretation of results. Collected individual values can only be used to make a valid statement about professional success if they are related to suitable comparative values. Some of our methods have been standardised on several thousand participants. If you have sufficient data material, we can develop customised standards that are then tailored to your target group. Continuous updates ensure the best possible comparability and fairness.

Our quality criteria

Why opt for online assessments?

Successful recruitment is all about predicting career success as best as possible during the application process. In this video, you’ll find out how accurate online assessments are compared to other HR methods and how much certainty you gain by combining certain methods.

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PERLS® Duo Work – Our frontend for HR professionals

Our frontend Work offers HR professionals an intuitive user interface that helps them to keep track of assessment candidates and their results.

PERLS® Duo Work allows independent administration of your online assessment participants and their results. You decide how many individuals you want to register for your test in one go, how the invitations should read (based on templates) and/or when you want to send reminders of deadlines. Once configured, you have an overview of the status of all participants and can edit records as needed. Our frontend offers a flexible role and rights concept so that even companies with complex HR structures and different locations can work effortlessly with the system in compliance with the EU GDPR.

All results are available to you in Work after online assessments have been completed – with the option of a PDF with graphics, filterable dashboard data and a downloadable CSV file. View and compare performance profiles and display only the values important to you for the respective step in the recruiting process.

To further boost your HR resources, you can also book our experienced HR service team according to your temporary or permanent needs.

Whether you’re a local start-up or an international corporation, our frontend offers you an intuitive user interface that gives you access to the participants invited to take your online assessments and their results.
You can easily switch between participants' current tasks and profiles in PERLS® Duo Work. With German and English as system languages, you maintain an overview and can work effectively with international teams.
Save time adding large numbers of applicant by uploading applicant data in CSV format via Excel with just a few clicks. Without extensive cross-checking, you have all important information such as application deadlines and languages in one place.
Boost your employer brand with automated email invitations. Choose flexible formulations that show appreciation and fit your image to produce the right emails for your online assessments in Work.
Do you have complex application processes with multiple steps? Organise your multi-stage applications clearly with our frontend. In a single step, you can invite applicants to several online assessments, saving you unnecessary administration.
Focus on the essentials: you can see the participant's status at a glance, set filters and thus maintain an overview of all project phases – streamlined and structured according to your individual needs.
The individually adjustable filters and views show you the exact values relevant to your decision. Easily organise your participants in PERLS® Duo Work and export their results in a structured way as a CSV file with one click.
Whether for use in job interviews, as documentation or for internal coordination, you can download your participants’ results in Work as an easy-to-read PDF with graphics immediately after they have completed their assessment.
Participants often find application processes stressful. Keep them updated about the next steps in the process, such as invitations for follow-up assessments. You can send these directly from the frontend with the help of individually designed text templates.

Interfaces & technology

Our services for your workflows – it’s much quicker and easier than you think.

If you already have your own applicant tracking system, we can offer you maximum flexibility with an interface connection to our assessment solutions. Our in-house IT team has experience with SuccessFactors (SAP), d.vinci, Talentlink, Taleo, avature and peoplesoft.

If your ATS solution is not on the list, don’t worry. In more than 20 years, we’re yet to come across an applicant tracking system we couldn’t integrate. The following information is sure to convince you or your IT team that we can link our system with your workflow as well:

We support common data exchange formats (JSON, XML, CSV, PDF) and interface protocols (RPC, REST, SOAP) as well as various authentication procedures (e.g. client certificates). Our web-based interface can be accessed by applicant tracking systems (as a server) as well as independently (as a client).

In addition, further features ensure automated communication with your applicants if desired. Our workflow manager automatically triggers the sending of invitations for online assessments, reminders and feedback on results, freeing you up for other tasks. We can provide you with not only the results of individual applicants, but also comprehensive reports prepared individually for you.

We know that most applicant management systems evolve and are in a constant state of change. That’s why it’s key for us to precisely understand your needs and wants and implement them with your IT team. Our product implementation is fully scalable – from standard products ready for immediate use to unique technical solutions. Together we realise your project according to your wishes and are there for you during all project stages.

Data privacy is firmly anchored in ELIGO’s culture and is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we always comply with the requirements of the EU GDPR and implement and certify our processes in accordance with DIN/IEC ISO27001:2013. We can therefore guarantee secure and responsible data management at all times.

Christa Mette, ELIGO Data Security Officer

Data privacy & IT security

More than just the legal standard and smooth processes for all stakeholders.

ELIGO carries great responsibility for handling personal data on a daily basis. The privacy of such data is a key consideration for our company. While the EU GDPR provides the legal data security framework, we have committed ourselves to further IT security-related measures in accordance with ISO/IEC ISO27001 since 2011. Our IT security officer and data security officer, as well as regular recertification by external auditors and customer audits, ensure our operations meet the high standards we set ourselves and related requirements.

Our information security management system allows us to guarantee the following security standards for you and your stakeholders:

  • Data transmission is always encrypted.
  • Our servers operate exclusively at certified locations in Germany.
  • We only work with certified service providers at all security-relevant points.
  • We carry out regular penetration tests.
  • Our employees follow a clean desk policy and take part in regular data privacy and security training.
  • Before starting their online assessment, participants are informed about where their data will be stored and for how long.
  • Participants always have full control over their data: all personal data can be deleted at any time and this normally takes place automatically within three months. In addition, we actively ensure that personal data is never passed on to third parties.
View our ISO certificate

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