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We offer orientation tool solutions for organisations, public institutions and companies. Our range of services meets the needs of different target groups.

We support career guidance, counselling and job search processes by identifying individual strengths and competencies and matching them with activities and professions. People, companies and organisations alike benefit from a sound basis for decision-making.

Automated matching processes allow for comparison of the requirements of apprenticeships, degree programmes, career paths or specific jobs. The result is a list of individually recommended options.

To this end, information on motivation, working styles, skills, performance potential and interests is collected via online assessments. Depending on the context, online assessments can be embedded in an individualised matching platform, which can be designed according to your wishes and supplemented with features and further modules.


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Add-ons & options

  • Self-assessment tools used to search for apprenticeships determine the optimal personal fit for different occupational fields, professions or specialisations, facilitate accurate self-assessment, prepare individuals for interviews and assessment centres, help candidates to get an idea of their own strengths and potential areas for further development and filter out from the flood of offers the information essential for personal development.
  • Internet-based counselling of future students ensures concrete specification of the suitable degree programme in advance. As the degree programmes chosen are a better fit for new students, this results in lower dropout rates, fewer subject changes and shorter periods of study.
  • Speculative applications as a talent pool are an invitation to self-exploration. Users can discover hidden competencies and interests and reveal their talents. They can make their application visible if they are a good fit for a company and its job profiles, without risk. Your HR professionals receive targeted applications from informed individuals, filtered by department.
  • HR marketing for companies also reveals the opportunities a company offers prospective employees.
  • Guidance for professionals allows individuals to recognise their own skills, base career planning on additional information and identify further training needs and potential

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