English grading test

Can be combined with online assessmentsFair basis for comparing skills

Possible applications

  • Field of application:
    recruitment, HR development, self-assessment
  • Languages:
  • Target group:
    universally applicable, from trainees to professionals
  • Duration:
    40 mins

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Our standardised English grading test describes your candidates’ and employees’ current command of the language. Depending on the level of difficulty you choose, you get information on whether a grading of A2 or B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference is more appropriate or that of B2 or C1 at the higher language level.

You can use this as the basis for your hiring decisions or to select the right courses for your employees given their respective command of the language:

  • Hire employees who can communicate in English
  • Assess the level and purposefully remove language barriers
  • Put an emphasis on English language skills and take your business international

English grading test structure

Our English test consists of four sub-tests – Complete sentences, Sentence structure and comprehension, Match texts and Cloze text – that are always worked through in one go and with a time limit. Every sub-test contains ten exercises, each with three possible answers (or four in the case of the “Match texts” sub-test). There is only ever one right answer (single choice). The texts used in the test reflect real situations in everyday life and work.

In order to provide the right test for your target group, we offer the following two versions:

  • Basic: A2/B1
  • Advanced: B2/C1

Possibility of use in tandem with online assessments

The English test can be ideally combined with an online assessment. In this way, you gain insights into each participant’s suitability for the respective position, including their command of English.

Add-ons and options

  • Can be tailored specifically to the target group with A2/B1 and B2/C1 versions
  • Combined with online assessments
  • As a stand-alone test

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