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Here you’ll find our recommendations for preparing for your online assessment in terms of mindset and technology. These will ensure that your online assessment goes well and you gain new insights afterwards.

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Practice exercises

Wondering what exercises await you in your online assessment? We’ve put together a selection of modules that allow you to familiarise yourself with the online format.

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Your online assessment – what to expect from a fair application process

An assessment is both a challenge and a valuable experience. After all, you get to discover whether a certain job is right for you and which talents you can build on.

Our participants often complete their online assessment in the context of a job application or potential analysis – which is probably how you ended up on this page. Naturally, when you apply for a job, you want to get it. But there’s more to it than that. For many people, it’s important to have a job that they enjoy. However, our job satisfaction depends very much on whether the activities we do match our own preferences and talents. Only in a suitable environment can we grow, learn, establish a career and broaden our competencies. Before you make a career decision, it’s therefore crucial to know whether a particular apprenticeship or job is right for you.

That’s where online assessments come in. They measure a person’s potential as well as the degree to which they have the right skills and interests for a particular career and how well these match the specific job requirements. They make it possible to assess how good of a fit a person is for a job.

Online assessments are a fair means of measurement and have a high predictive value. The underlying automated evaluation based on fixed rules does not recognise gender, skin colour or religion nor make a judgement regarding gaps in a CV. Thus, online assessments are free of subjective bias (e.g. resulting from sympathy or antipathy). That’s important if everyone is to have the same career opportunities.

Of course, people can also feel nervous about online assessments. They want detailed information before they start and we want to provide it. Be it through preparation tips, step-by-step instructions on how to complete assessments, information on the technical requirements or a set of practice exercises for trying out our advice directly – we aim to support you in the best possible way. Scroll through and leave us your feedback so that we can further expand our participant section.

[…] It’s just great that you give feedback so regularly and quickly. Thank you very much for that!

Online assessment participant

I completed the ELIGO assessment just a few minutes ago. Regardless of the result, I would like to compliment on the structure of this online test. It was really meant to challenge the competitors and keep them on their toes, but it was also fun. Thank you.

Online assessment participant

I liked the test because of its simple structure and it was honestly worth investing those 45 minutes or so.

Online assessment participant

I’d like to thank you very much for providing the test results. Even though I didn’t make it any further, the evaluation you provided was very informative.

Online assessment participant

Optimal preparation

Use our tips to help you complete your online assessment to best effect and with as little stress as possible. With good preparation, this will be more effortless than you thought. And perhaps you'll even have a bit of fun in the process.

  1. Be well-rested and in good shape:

    Exciting streaming series and buzzing parties are tempting but can get you off track. A tough exercise session can also drain your energy. It’s better to shelve those plans for another time and get a good night’s rest instead.

    Hunger and thirst are bad companions when you’ve got an exam. Make sure your stomach isn’t growling at you during the assessment and drink enough water. That way you can concentrate fully.

  2. Choose a suitable time:

    Plan your day so that you have enough time to complete the assessment – other appointments can wait. You don’t want to feel under pressure knowing there’s a handyman coming soon or you’ve an important appointment to make right after your assessment.

  3. Find a quiet environment:

    To ensure you’re not disturbed, discuss with your family or flatmates when you intend to work on your online assessment. It might be worth putting a Do not Disturb sign on your door.

    Turning off your smartphone, or at least putting it away, can do wonders for your concentration. Calls and messages are too distracting while working.

    Your work environment makes a difference. Choose a comfortable chair, tidy up if needs be and create an enjoyable working space.

Technical requirements

You don’t need special computer skills or hardware to complete our assessments. Here’s an overview of all technical requirements for your online assessment:

You can use a computer or tablet

You’ll need one of the following operating systems: Windows 7 or higher, Linux, macOS, iOS or Android

Use one of the following browsers: Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari

Ensure a stable, permanent internet connection via WiFi or LAN cable

Testing process

If this is your first online assessment, you are surely asking yourself what to expect or how the process works. We’ll show you the most important steps.

At the beginning

You can work on your online assessment in your browser. No special computer skills or software are required for that.

Login data

You’ll receive an invitation to your online assessment by email. There you’ll find your username and a link to the login page, where you can enter your password and then log in.


The duration varies depending on the position you’ve applied for. A typical online assessment takes between 30 and 120 minutes.

Assessment content

You can expect a mixture of different modules in your online assessment. Typically, you have to assess how you might act in professional situations and/or demonstrate your skills by completing various exercises.


Be authentic in your self-assessments. This is the only way to determine whether a particular job is right for you and you would enjoy it. This works best if you don’t think for too long about individual statements. Answer as spontaneously as possible.


You’ll find clear instructions on how to work through the individual modules at the beginning of each section. Practice exercises are provided for modules for which correct understanding of the task format is particularly important. Don’t just skim this section – make sure you read the instructions carefully and calmly.

Time limit

Some modules have a time limit for completing tasks. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to finish some tasks, this is quite normal. Even if you run out of time, just work as efficiently and with as much focus as possible.

Connection problems

If you experience an unplanned interruption, such as an unstable internet connection, our system automatically saves the answers you’ve already given. Once your internet connection is restored, you can simply log in again with your login data and continue your assessment from the point where it was no longer saved.

Practice exercises

In this section, you can familiarise yourself with a number of our assessments through practice exercises. These are similar to some of the tasks that you will come across in your online assessment. This way you can already get used to different task types and feel more confident during the actual process.

Handling your data

The security of your data is a matter of great importance to us. The following rule always applies: your decision counts.

Data storage is a must. We can only evaluate your answers and process the results if we store them during the online assessment. Our employees are regularly trained to ensure your data is protected in accordance with the requirements of the EU GDPR. DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certification guarantees that our employees as well as all of our IT and associated processes handle your data securely:

  • Before you start your online assessment, you‘re informed about where and for how long your data will be stored and retained. Either the company you have applied to will provide you with this information or it will be displayed before you log in to the online assessment. Data is not stored until you give your consent.
  • Numerous precautions are in place to protect your data, such as the use of securely encrypted internet connections, server hosting in German data centres and much more.
  • External audits regularly monitor compliance with data privacy regulations and the implementation of the necessary technical and organisational measures.
  • Your personal data (first name, last name, email address) is deleted. Data that can no longer be linked to you personally, i.e. anonymous data, is stored and used for scientific purposes, further development of assessments and documentation of assessment quality.
  • You can request that we delete all or part of your personal data at any time. Please contact us for this.
  • We never share your data with third parties. In particular, we do not sell, rent or exchange it. Any data we collect is only made available to our clients.

Your feedback

Behind every assessment result is a person with their own wishes and ideas. We’re aware of this and see it as our task to know the needs of participants and meet them where possible. Your feedback helps us in this endeavour.


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