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11 Aug 2022

Participant tips: How to prepare technically and mentally for the online assessment

13 Jul 2022

Short video: Compare the accuracy of online assessments


3 May 2024

Understanding Different Perspectives on AI: Applicants and Employees – with Larissa Pomrehn

5 Apr 2024

AI and Employer Branding – with Prof. Dr. Dragoș Iliescu

1 Mar 2024

How far can AI support HR-work? – with Prof. Dr. Dragoș Iliescu

2 Feb 2024

What Kinds of Truth can AI tell? – with Dr. Christian Montel

5 Jan 2024

Expected effects of AI on HR work – with Dr. Christian Montel

5 Dec 2023

Architectural versus HR approach to AI – with Paola Sturla

3 Nov 2023

Planning and Implementing AI Projects – with Dr. Klaus Lassert

Info material

14 Dec 2022

Project sheet on recruiting & development strategies in current employer market

14 Dec 2022

Project sheet on the employment situation on the example of the higher civil service

12 Sep 2022

Our short self-assessment brochure for your VUCA-coaching

26 Apr 2022

Four practical, ready-to-use solutions to boost your recruiting process

6 Sep 2021

Download all facts on the validity of our online assessments

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