Assessing the cultural fit of candidates

Meaningful employer brandingPositive for employee retentionUseful for onboarding

Possible applications

  • Field of application:
    Recruiting, onboarding
  • Target group:
    Universal, from trainees to professionals

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Choose job seeker who are good fit for your organisation

Cultural fit is a measure of how well the values of applicants match those of a company. Values are norms, goals, ideas, behaviour and expectations with which both sides identify. The greater the overlap, the better the cultural fit. A high cultural fit contributes to positive long-term cooperation and can lead to greater employee loyalty and satisfaction.

Here’s how it works

We help develop the right cultural check in direct dialogue with you based on your corporate identity and situations relevant to your corporate culture:

  • Your daily business situations
  • Customer-specific matching algorithm

You can offer a risk-free and anonymous cultural fit check to potential applicants even before they apply for a job.

Possibillity of use in tandem with online assessments

Combine skills, potential and cultural fit. The online assessment provides you with in-depth information about the person-job fit, while the cultural fit broadens the perspective to include the person-organisation fit.

Add-ons & options

  • Combined with online assessments
  • As a stand-alone solution on your career pages

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