Multi-source feedback

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Possible applications

  • Field of application:
    HR development, potential analysis, individual development
  • Target group:
    Executives of all management levels

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That’s what multi-source feedback is all about

The feedback process allows you to anonymously assess the personal and professional competencies of your managers from their own and other perspectives. Depending on the scope (90°, 180°, 270° or 360° feedback), employees, colleagues, supervisors and other parties are involved.

The evaluations are automatically compiled in a feedback form, which compares the self-assessments of a manager with those of other feedback providers. In subsequent feedback discussions, your managers can identify the areas that are perceived differently or specific development potential. In this way, you can work actively and sustainably on your managers’ areas of development that contribute to your corporate goals.

With the changes in the HR market, the need for classic development centres, risk-free potential analyses or feedback has increased noticeably in our client projects. Multi-source feedback is a key development booster in this context.

Dr. Christian Jung-Gehling, Senior Consultant

In response to this trend, we provide a tool with a modern interface and clearly structured results in a PDF format, which you receive quickly and risk-free. You can then use the results to support your managers in their development.

This is how our feedback tool works

  • Manager and their employees complete online and confidential feedback forms on relevant leadership behaviour
  • The answers are compared visually and textually in an automatically generated report in PDF format
  • Individual feedback sessions with the managers and, if necessary, the team are the starting point for all further steps.

 Example of the feedback questionnaire, dimension "Planning and Organisation"

Fill out feedback form

The participants rate to what extent the statements match their leader’s behaviour on a range of dimensions. The image shows a sample question of the dimension “Planning and Organisation”. The customised questions are blurred and can be individually selected and adapted, just like the dimensions, to fit your company’s requirements.

Summary of the feedback form

Review and compile all answers

Answering the questions is risk-free for all feedback providers since they get anonymised access data to the feedback form. Before submitting their answers, the participants receive a practical summary of all the information for the final check. All individual answers are then automatically combined to form an overall result.

Self-perception and external perception of all competencies in multi-source feedback

Receive structured feedback

These results are presented textually and visually in a comprehensive PDF. Using the network diagram, your managers can look at the differences between the self-assessment and the assessment by others for all competencies at a glance. To what extent does the manager’s own estimation of the various dimensions differ from the estimations of the employees, supervisors or other participants? What is the overall picture?

Assessment of leadership competency "Planning & Organisation"

Identify appropriate actions and conduct feedback sessions

Based on detailed feedback for each dimension, it is possible to identify specific discrepancies and decide on concrete actions. You can incorporate these into your individual HR development plans. In addition, our qualified consultants offer optional feedback sessions with the manager to discuss possible development steps. Employees also add concrete examples to the feedback results in team workshops. The suggested solutions are then included in the feedback session with the manager. Our experience with such workshops has been very positive, as they are a highly motivating experience for all participants.

Our commitment to quality

  • Extensive anonymity and confidentiality for the participants
  • Procedures and implementation according to DIN 33430
  • ISO 27001-certified & data stored on German servers
  • Individual customisability of the survey and result reports

We value a trusting and flexible cooperation that equally benefits all parties involved. Together with our clients, we adjust the processes and communication around their use of our feedback tools.

Add-ons and options

  • 90-degree feedback
  • 180-degree feedback
  • 270-degree feedback
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Individual coaching sessions with managers
  • Introductory workshops with feedback providers (e.g. team)
  • Integrative workshops between feedback recipients and feedback provider

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