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As a consulting company in the HR market, we operate at the intersection of psychology and technology. Our solutions identify people and jobs that fit together and foster the long-term potential of your employees – with scientifically sound methods designed for the real world and not just based on theory.

In over 20 years in this field, we’ve built up a large pool of HR solutions that allows us to look at each client’s project individually in the context of the company and market environment. Together, we design a workflow that facilitates your talent management from day one and delivers results you can use to make the right HR decisions.

We aim to provide your HR professionals with tools that enable fast, modern and fair HR processes and support people all along their career path. We always place great importance on establishing a close cooperation on equal terms with all stakeholders – your recruiters, management teams and, above all, job seekers.


We’re specialists and generalists, thinkers and doers, early risers and home office enthusiasts, and cat, turtle and dog owners. Diversity is an integral part of who we are and one of the reasons why we can respond so flexibly to the different demands of our clients.

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We craft the talent management of the future together with our clients – by listening to them, we know exactly which methods to use to best support their HR work.

Our success is built on the individual, close relationships we foster with all our clients. Our goal is to meet the requirements of every project and the needs of all stakeholders. We always listen to and collaborate with our clients to choose the best options for them from our versatile solutions. This individual approach is made possible by our vast experience gained from our long-standing customer relationships and partnerships. We are constantly innovating our solutions with advances in HR and technology.

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Once you discover ELIGO, you’ll quickly encounter the high standards we set ourselves.

As a client, you can rely on us meeting the highest standards. All consultants and psychometricians are aptitude diagnosticians certified to DIN 33430 and follow the specifications and recommendations set out in this standard in their work. This ensures quality-assured and transparent steps during the creation of your diagnostic solutions.

Likewise, we take a consistent approach to data security. Our IT security setup includes an information security management system audited annually in accordance with ISO/IEC ISO27001:2017. This is our guarantee that we meet the requirements of the EU GDPR. We believe it’s crucial to uphold our standards and consider the interests of all your stakeholders, be they management, employees, the works council or your candidates.

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ELIGO – a timeline

ELIGO makes science tangible: our path has taken us from the university to practical HR processes to shape the future with you.


Heinrich Wottawa, Professor of Psychological Methodology, Diagnostics and Evaluation, establishes ELIGO from a Ruhr University Bochum working group, with three employees and two offices on the RUB campus. The first ELIGO system is installed on clients’ computers, where requirement-based test profiles are set up with our support.


PERLS© is born as part of a major project. We publish our service range online. A big step – for the servers, too, given the high hit rates: “Challenge Unlimited” proves a real draw for users, given the fun opportunities for learning more about each other.


We open a second office in the capital and now have two locations with B in their name.


A year of milestones: today’s Managing Consultants Christa Mette and Maren Hiltmann join ELIGO. At the same time, the first feedback reports are generated automatically. PERLS® can now do job matching: feedback is generated automatically and real-time reports become an integral part of our portfolio.


Given increasing demand, we prepare our services for the international market. Assessments are now also available in English, Italian, Polish and French. Awards for our projects and recognition of our UNICUM self-assessment tool (Stiftung Warentest test winner) confirm the value of our work.

In Berlin, ELIGO moves into the legendary Arndtstraße for the first time – initially to a flat in all-male shared accommodation in an old building without a dishwasher.


Christian Montel, a team member since 1999, optimises target range approaches in his dissertation and becomes Head of Research.


By 2008, many new languages have been added to PERLS®, including Czech, Spanish and Hungarian. The PERLS® frontend, the interface that HR professionals can use to manage their candidates and their results, is also developed.


For the first time, we receive ISO/IEC ISO27001 certification for various IT security measures. We further reinforce our internal control mechanisms with the appointment of our first IT security officer.


Career guidance for prospective students across NRW: the studifinder is launched. Potential students can use this tool to find out which personal competencies and interests match which fields of study.

With our professional ticket system, we can now bundle enquiries and thus respond even better according to individually defined SLAs. This allows us to process client and applicant requests faster and more systematically.


We leave the shared accommodation for an open-plan office. Our Berlin team moves into the rear building on Arndtstraße, with its loft atmosphere and roof terrace in the middle of the Bergmannkiez neighbourhood. The start-up flair is still there – but can we really fill the open-plan office?!


Change at the top: founder Prof. Wottawa takes a well-earned retirement but remains with ELIGO as a scientific advisor. As planned, Dr Christian Montel is now in charge of the company and its management. Our headquarters also move: we relocate to Berlin.


Our psychometrics team comes together. A small group of student trainees becomes a permanent team of three under the coordination of Anna Galdobina.


Uniformly certified: all consultants and psychometricians are now aptitude diagnosticians certified to DIN 33430.


ELIGO celebrates its 20th anniversary. In one year’s time, we can drink to our international coming of age!

We now have a Teko Lounge: our worries about not being able to fill the open-plan office prove unjustified. Our team of psychometricians has doubled in size and moves into the front building.


The last two years have been special. Almost all companies are changing how they work. Our experience with digital solutions helps our clients and us to remain productive, regardless of our location. We can easily expand our already existing home office arrangements. Video meetings become part of the work routine and keep our team spirit strong.


The Bochum office moves. We feel sad because we’ve enjoyed more than 20 years in what was then our RUB “home”. But we’re also happy because we already feel like we belong in our new office and know it’s a good place to work. And RUB is not too far away – the canteen, library and spirit of science are still within reach.


Companies face new challenges due to the transformation of the HR market into the employee-centred market. A perspective shift in HR is necessary – instead of an immediate perfect fit, we need to focus on people's potential and their career development. This also means adapting our HR methods to ensure they remain useful in practice and drive transformation where it matters most.

With this in mind, we have modernised our feedback tool for managers. A new, user-friendly interface and a comprehensive results PDF for comparing personal and external evaluation facilitate the sustainable development of managers.


All ELIGOs are passionate about working together as a team and it's an integral part of our company culture. It's important for us to know and understand each other well. Our team event was therefore a real highlight after a three-year break! We finally all met again in Berlin, or even saw each other for the first time.


PERLS® has a new design and a new name. From now on, customers and participants can use PERLS® Duo and its subsystems Discover, Work, Flow and Report to guide them through the application process.

The psychoneer® group – ELIGO's umbrella brand

By exchanging expertise internationally and working closely with customers, the umbrella and individual brands benefit each other.

Our mission is to engineer psychology. We use innovational psychometrics, artificial intelligence, and management expertise to create technical solutions that can be integrated into our customers’ business infrastructures. To grow a sound business strategy, we believe it to be crucial to align business needs, employee potentials, technical knowledge, and a systematic evaluation of performance indicators in a way that fits everyday practice. Our learning approach combines generating knowledge from big data and scientific analyses as well as from a mindful application of psychology.

Our German branch, the "ELIGO Psychologische Personalsoftware GmbH", was founded in 1999 and is fully owned by the psychoneer group.

psychoneer - engeneering psychology

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