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Would you like to become an ELIGO? We welcome people who want to develop their full potential with us. We know first-hand how to achieve this, because it’s our bread and butter.

We are a consulting company specialising in psychological aptitude diagnostics that drives our clients’ successful HR processes. Our special advantage is that we use our knowledge and methods to shape the way we work at ELIGO. We know that our employees are crucial to our success. Here at ELIGO, we thrive on inventiveness, flexibility, an affinity for technology and the feeling that each one of us can make a difference. This is how we create HR solutions – with smart people who help other people and companies to find each other and work well together.

To achieve these goals, we not only welcome full-time employees, but are also regularly looking for interns and student employees. Read more about your options here.


What are we like at ELIGO?

Our curiosity and interdisciplinary nature are what set us apart. We learn from each other every day and love projects that involve us working together across teams and sharing our expertise with each other. The right mix of skills, experience and motivation outweighs any formal degree for us.



It matters to us to create a pleasant working environment. To this end, we democratically elect confidants from among our ranks to whom we can turn with personal issues. And we have our working groups in which everyone is committed to fostering our sense of togetherness.



We offer our employees flexible working conditions that fit their lives: these include our flexitime and part-time models, home office options, switching between our two locations and family-friendly policies – for mums and dads alike, of course.


  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office
  • Modern equipment
  • Opportunities for development
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Free drinks
  • Team events
  • Cooperation with "Corporate Benefits"
  • Dog-friendly offices
I changed my role at ELIGO and where I was based, without any great hassle. I talked to my manager about my plans and interests, and she even encouraged me to apply for a new position. Today I’m self-employed, and I was also able to plan this change openly with my manager as well.

Anita Sefarian, former employee

My manager's supported further training for a new position on several occasions. Thanks to mutual trust, I feel valued as an employee and can dive into my new area of responsibility confidently.

Laura Stelzer, Team Career

Current job offers

  • Position Location Hours per week
  • Unfortunately there are currently no open positions.

Application procedure

You can expect fast and transparent processes when you apply to work at ELIGO. Whatever the final decision, we promise you’ll find out more about yourself and what you want out of your career.

Although the individual application steps and the order in which they occur may vary for each vacancy, the same basic framework holds for you as an applicant. We always provide you with a personal contact person from our Career team.

You’ll notice that we also use our methods and tools for our own internal recruitment. Naturally so, since we’re convinced of the benefits. For example, an online assessment and structured interview are an integral part of all application stages. In addition, you have the opportunity to try our products at an early stage and decide for yourself whether you identify with them. After all, this is important to discovering whether you’d enjoy working at ELIGO.

Job application

Upload your documents to our applicant tracking system to apply. Send us your cover letter, CV and references and we’ll get back to you within three days. You’ve got the ball rolling!

Online assessment

You’re invited to take an online assessment to find out more: do your preferences and skills match our job? Do you like our core product? We offer you preparation tips and practice exercises and give you a week to complete the assessment.


Here’s our chance to get to know each other! Interviews take place online or in our offices. This step allows both sides to consolidate our impressions to date.

Practice day

Some positions involve a practice day - how do you like your tasks? Get an impression of what it means to be an ELIGO.

Employment contract

Meet our office colleagues and sign your new employment contract – because we’re both convinced that we want to work together!


Get started – with the support of our onboarding concept. You can rely on your personal buddy and structured training.

As an attractive employer, ELIGO offered me the perfect opportunity to gain professional insights into the field of psychological diagnostics. Thanks to the collegial working atmosphere, I felt appreciated and was treated an an equal. Having a lot of freedom in terms of time management and working on challenging tasks makes for a varied and exciting daily work routine.

Alina Muschert, trainee

Combining my job, studies and even a semester abroad in Norway was no problem at ELIGO. The interdisciplinary nature of the work is also great: you can gain new insights from different fields almost every day.

Nico Kummer, former employee, Marketing & Communication team

ELIGO for students

We’re always looking for interns and student employees for our offices in Bochum and Berlin to work in the consulting, test construction, marketing, IT development and administration teams.

Are you studying psychology, economics, social sciences, humanities, marketing or computer science? Or perhaps something else you think would be a good fit for ELIGO? Then we’re the right place for you to gain your first professional experience. Our teams of specialists practice interdisciplinarity – motivation and a hands-on approach are more important to us than your field of study.

You’ll also enjoy a range of benefits: we offer you flexible working hours within our office hours of 8 am to 5 pm with the potential of working from home for some of that time if you stay with us long enough and your tasks allow it. Free drinks and fresh fruit go without saying, as does a modern, well-equipped workplace.

If you’re interested in HR topics, want to work in HR consulting or are excited by technically innovative solutions, please apply with a cover letter, CV and other relevant documents. Our teams of specialists are waiting to challenge and encourage you with interesting tasks.

Like all other applicants, you’ll complete our online assessment as an integral part of the application process. Finally, you’ll receive a detailed result report from us.

We look forward to meeting you!

  • Position Location Hours per week
  • Unfortunately there are currently no open positions.

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