HR trainings for your practical competency

Further development of your methodological skillsPractical insightsPromotion of fairness and comparability in recruitment

Possible applications

  • Field of application:
    HR development
  • Target group:
    Managers, HR managers, HR officers and other HR specialists, HR business partners, committee members

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Strengthen practical competencies in a purposeful way

In our methodology training covering competency and potential analysis procedures, you’ll learn about and practice the quality standards you can use to increase the accuracy of your interviews and the significance of their results. You’ll also find out how you can systematically reduce observation errors and which assessments provide meaningful information in each scenario. You benefit from the exchange beyond your own company.

You can systematically improve your practical competencies with our skill training, ensuring a sustainable personal learning effect that cannot be achieved through talk alone.

We offer customised and in-house training for beginners and professionals.

Add-ons & options

  • Interview techniques
  • Online assessments
  • Assessment und development centres
  • Management audits
  • Observer training
  • Role player training
  • Feedback and development interviews
  • Screening and application analysis

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