ELIGO christmas greetings

15 Dec 2022, Contact Person ELIGO

An eventful year lies behind us all. Early on, we were struck by the images from Ukraine, which accompany and move us to this day. Finding balance between work, personal issues and dealing with world events has been a real challenge this year.

In times of crisis, it’s particularly important to feel a sense of togetherness and actively foster it. After three long years, we ELIGOs all met at our team event and felt the bond we share through conversations and activities. In addition, our mutual exchange in projects and events, such as this year’s much-loved “morning coffee” discussions, has deeply motivated us. For the final working days of this year, we would encourage you to think back to the beautiful moments of the year, draw strength from the peaceful days and, if possible, do something good.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation. We draw plenty of inspiration from our joint projects and are excited about what lies ahead. We wish you a peaceful holiday season and look forward to keeping you up to date with news about HR and ELIGO Insights in the new year. And, of course, we hope to get in touch with you as often as possible.

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