Patrick Willeke


Patrick Willeke

As a psychometrician at ELIGO, I am especially motivated by the opportunity to tackle a wide variety of data-related problems in all kinds of different projects. This combination of changing requirements and detail-focused work throws up surprises all of the time that require me to challenge my thinking and encourage my learning.

We are prone to overestimate how much we understand about the world and to underestimate the role of chance in events.”

Daniel Kahnemann

Professional focus and project experience

  • Developing assessments based on classic and probabilistic assessment models
  • Developing results reports for aptitude testing for various career paths
  • Evaluating a training and study guide tool
  • Structural analysis, e.g. multi-group factor analysis in respect of end devices
  • Reviewing a large-scale career guidance tool for gender fairness
  • Prepaing and translating demo assessments

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