Laura Müller


Laura Müller

I have been able to put my love of puzzling to good use in assessment design at ELIGO since 2019. I get to challenge myself again and again when developing new tasks or deriving interesting insights from our data for a customer. With every project I’m involved in, I want to learn something – even if sometimes the only insight gained is that an approach doesn’t work.

For me, this not only means setting aside old opinions for new but also in particular accepting when the answer to a question is “We don’t know (yet)”.

Laura Müller, Psychometrician

Professional focus and project experience

  • Developing assessments based on probabilistic and classic assessment models
  • Evaluating a self-assessment tool for guiding student training and studies
  • Designing database structures for providing standardisation information
  • Developing self-assessments for an online professional orientation tool
  • Managing the translation of assessments into various European languages
  • Implementing a new support model for interns at ELIGO

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