Dr. Christian Jung-Gehling

Lead Consultant

Dr. Christian Jung-Gehling

My goal is to provide high-quality advice to customers and work with them to find the best opportunities. Especially given VUCA, this is not getting any easier. So it’s all the more enjoyable for me that I can use my personal experience and my insights from my PhD at ELIGO and combine them with our customers’ substantive and strategic requirements.

Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.

Walt Disney

Professional focus and project experience

  • Developing individual online assessment profiles for individual positions and for group-wide trainee programmes
  • Designing, evaluating and communicating manager and 360-degree feedback
  • Designing and implementing exercises for potential analysis and assessment centres for managers
  • Developing professional and career guidance tools
  • Operational project management in multi-level recruitment and staff development processes
  • Providing advice on HR strategy and process design, for example to medium-sized companies

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