Maren Hiltmann

Managing Consultant

Maren Hiltmann

To me, “understanding something” means working together with customers to find solutions that are substantive, reliable and practicable. It is important to me to approach the people who participate in our assessments with curiosity and to give them the opportunity to discover useful inspiration for themselves. “In the end, people are not persuaded by what we say, but by what they understand.” (John C. Maxwell)

For over 20 years, I’ve been loving understanding how things fit together and learning from other people’s experiences. Having such an interest in education and learning, I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and what I’ve picked up along the way.

Maren Hiltmann, Managing Consultant

Professional focus and project experience

  • Advising on the design of recruitment and staff development processes
  • Implementing and moderating interviews, potential analysis, assessment and development centres
  • Designing and holding method training for observers, interviewers, HR departments and managers
  • Designing and implementing processes for talent promotion and manager development, such as training, development programmes, etc.
  • Developing assessments as well as evaluation and validation studies
  • Lecturer, provision of coaching to specialists and managers

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