Optimized speed scale: Test concentration with symbols

14 May 2021, Contact Person Laura Müller, Test Development

Starting now, we are offering our optimized concentration scale. While our earlier speed methods are based on numeric material or require arithmetic operations, this procedure uses different sets of symbols.

What does this method involve? The scale captures the attentive and error-free processing of figurative tasks that must be solved through logical reasoning under time pressure. In this case, close attention and care are key aspects for participants. The correct assessment of the symbol sets within a time limit requires a consistently high level of concentration. This ability is particularly important for professions with quality control tasks.

And this is what the whole thing looks like for participants:

Difficulty level 1: Sample task from blocks 1 and 2

Difficulty level 2: Sample task from blocks 3 and 4

The goal in each case is to solve as many tasks as possible within one minute. Participants have only a few seconds for each task or pattern. Having varying levels difficulty, the tasks allow measuring a wide range of performance.

Do your job profiles demand phrases of high-level concentration? Give us a call and our consultants will be happy to advice you on the possible applications of this scale.


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