Lucas Kaup


Lucas Kaup

As a psychometrician, I love data science and the balancing act of science and practice that defines our products at ELIGO. In my private life, I like to play strategy games in which I have to meticulously plan my steps – and I am just as happy at work when an elegant snippet of code leads to the exact output required.

Sometimes scientists change their minds. New developments cause a rethink. If this bothers you, consider how much damage is being done to the world by people for whom new developments do not cause a rethink.

Terry Pratchett

Professional focus and project experience

  • Reviewing a large-scale guidance tool for gender fairness
  • Investigating the susceptibility of forced-choice questionnaires to tampering
  • Developing tests for assessing ability to concentrate in the area of self-assessments
  • Further developing a cognitive performance test for mechanical and technical reasoning
  • Developing results reports for 180- and 360-degree feedback
  • Item response theory analyses, such as the mixed Rasch model

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